Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students in Italy, 2018-2019



Applications are open for Italian government scholarships to both foreign and Italian citizens resident abroad (IRE) for studying in Italy. Scholarships are offered to carry out study, training and research projects in Italian Higher Education Institute (State-owned institutions or institutions legally recognised by the relevant State authorities).

The aim of the scholarship is to foster international cultural, scientific and technological cooperation, to promote Italian language and culture and to support Italy’s economic system in the world.


Grants are available for the following:

1. Master’s Degree

2. Courses of Higher Education in Arts, Music, and Dance (AFAM)

3. PhD programmes

4. Research under the academic supervision.

5. Italian Language and Culture Courses.


Scholarships cover a wide range of subjects in any of the accredited Italian universities Italian Universities.


1. Grantees may be exempted from the payment of enrollment and tuition fees depending on the policy of each University.
An exemption is not granted for courses in Italian language and culture, for which enrollment fees are due.

2. Grantees will be covered by a health and medical/accident insurance contracted by MAECI for the entire duration of the grant.

3. Grantees will receive a 900 Euros monthly allowance on a quarterly basis, which will be paid on their Italian bank account.


  • The first installment of the grant can be received only after the completion of University enrollment and the submission of all the documents requested according to the necessary administrative procedures.
  • The last installment of the grant will be paid only upon verification of satisfactory academic progress.
  • The grant will cover courses attended in Italy only.


    Qualified candidate must:

    1. Be an international student not residing in Italy or Italian citizens living abroad with the required academic qualification

    2. Not be more than 28 years old by the deadline of this call for Master’s Degree/Higher Education in Arts, Music, and Dance (AFAM) Programmes/ Italian Language and Culture Courses.

    3. Not be more than 30 years old by the deadline for this call for PhD programmes.

    4. Not be more than 40 years old for Research Projects under academic supervision.

    5. Show proof of the English Language proficiency for courses taught in English.

    6. Show proof of the Italian Language proficiency for Italian language and culture courses.


    April 30, 2018

    Application Process

    Applications shall be sent only electronically, by accessing the “Portale borse online” from the MAECI website.

    Online Application

    Scholarship Link


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