TSoM Love Canada Diploma Scholarship for International Students in Canada, 2018


The new Love Canada Scholarship is available for all new international students to study at The Toronto School of Management(TSoM) in Canada. This scholarship is available for diploma programs to up to 20 academically qualified students per intake (till September 2019).

About TSoM

The Toronto School of Management (TSoM) is a school offering a range of courses in business, hospitality, and accountancy. Toronto School of Management: “Inspired by Industry. Driven by Student Success. ” The school work with industry leaders to design and deliver innovative and career-centric programs. We work tirelessly to provide students with the right combination of academic excellence and practical hands-on experience, educating ambitious people to take their careers further.


1. Diploma in Business Administration Co-op
2. Diploma in Business Management Co-op*
3. Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management* Co-op
4. Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism* Management Co-op

The Love Canada scholarship provides up to $11,000 for diploma programs.

1. International students are eligible.
2. Applicants must show evidence of excellent (80%+) academic achievements (official transcript);

3. Applicants must present a resume demonstrating leadership within past/current employment and/or volunteering experience;

4. Applicants must write a 600-word essay expressing ‘Why do you love Canada’? or ‘Why have you selected Canada for your overseas study’?

Love Canada Scholarship will be only applicable for applications from May 2018 until the September 2019 intake.

Application Process

Scholarship Application Form should be sent via e-mail. Please provide the following documents along with your completed application form:

1. Evidence of academic achievements (official transcript)
2. A resume including information demonstrating leadership in past/current employment and/or volunteering experience
3. 600-word essay expressing “Why do you love Canada? Why do you choose Canada for your overseas study?

To apply, download the application form here

Visit the webpage of TSoM to read more about Love Canada Diploma Scholarship



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