List of MBA Scholarships by the World’s Prestigious Business Schools

  • HEC Paris Scholarships, France
    Scholarships are awarded on the basis of needs and merit. Scholarship value can vary between €5000 and €26,000. There are dedicated scholarships for women and students from developing countries.
    • Wharton Business School Scholarships, USA

      Most of the scholarships here are merit-based MBA Fellowships which can be awarded to any MBA candidate(s) regardless of their backgrounds. These Fellowships can cover as much as $20,000 to full tuition plus living expenses. For more information, click here

    • Stanford Business School Scholarships, USA

      The slogan here is “Admission is Need-blind” meaning your personal financial resources is not considered in admission decisions. GSB provides Fellowships to all admitted candidates who can demonstrate financial need.

      There are also Fellowships that are awarded to students based on leadership qualities, intellectual achievement etc. Most students receive fellowships funds, loans, to finance their degree. The average GSB fellowship is approximately $35,000 per year or $70,000 in total awards.

    • ESADE Business School Scholarships, Spain

      Scholarships are available for applicants from any part of the world. They specially awarded to outstanding individuals. Scholarships can cover as much as half of the tuition fee.

    • Said Business School Scholarships, UK

      Said Business School at the University of Oxford offers a number of scholarships for different categories of applicants( women, entrepreneurs and countries) Scholarships are available to cover part of the tuition fee or full tuition. Click the link above to learn more.

    • ESMT Scholarships, Germany

      ESMT offers a number of partial-tuition scholarships for MBA applicants. There are a limited number of prestigious full-tuition scholarships also available.

    • London Business School Scholarships, UK

      The London Business School offers a wide range of scholarships open to all, to women only, and to students from different nationalities (i.e. Africans, Americans, Australians, British, Canadians, Latin Americans, Chinese, etc.). The scholarships are in the form of full fee awards or one-time awards worth £12,000-£50,000.

    • Warwick Business School Scholarships,

      There are available scholarships to cover different modes of learning (full-time,distance learning). There are scholarships for the executive MBA and Global Energy MBA. Scholarships can either be Partial tuition or Full-tuition.

    • IMD Scholarships, Switzerland
      There are scholarships awarded on the basis of gender(especially,w omen) and nationality.Schokarships can range between CHF 10,000 and CHF 50,000.
    • INSEAD Scholarships, France/Singapore

      About 50 different types of scholarships being offered ( need-based and non-need based scholarships).The scholarships range from €10,000 to €40,000 and awarded based on gender, nationality, merit, leadership qualities etc.

    • SDA Bocconi Scholarships, Italy

      There are full and partial scholarships available to candidates from different countries. Click the link to learn more.


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